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    We are proud to launch our new website and corporate identity

  • Comitted to animal health and welfare.
    Our goal: To improve animal health and welfare

  • Zuritol Suspension
    Keep swine coccidiosis under control

  • Apitraz, the great strip.
    We help beekeepers to keep hives healthy

  • Care for your pet with Kawu products
    Because pet´s health and welfare is what matters most


Products to improve the animal health and welfare

This is our main objective to which we devote all our energy. To have positive impact on the health and welfare of farm animals and pets with products adapted to the characteristics of each species. This is our commitment.
We develop and manufacture the medicines of the future

At Calier we dedicate a significant part of our resources to the development and registration of new medicines. This was one of the foundational purposes of the company and continues to be one of the main strategic pillars to have a sustainable growth.
These are the medicines that within a few years will help the veterinarians from around the world to improve animals’ health and welfare.