VETECOR 2000 U.I. AND 5000 I.U. / Farmacological
  Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin( 5,000 IU- 2000 IU) Mannitol (20mg)
  Equine, bovine, porcine, ovine, caprine, dogs and cats.
  Not required
  Injectable freeze-dried powder

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin(hCG), is a glycoproteinic hormonal substance synthesised by placenta syncytial trophoblastic cells. The hormone is found in the serum and in urine during pregnancy ant to mantain luteal production of a progesterone during pregnanncy.

hCG exerts primarily luteinising activity (pituitary LH-like). It is charaterised for having a longer half-life (+10 hours).hCG induces female ovulation and successive follicle luteinisation, and the subsequent production of steroid hormones. In males, its action induces the diferenttation of testes Leydig´s cells and stimulates steroidogeenesis(testosterone production). Owing to this activity, it has been used in fameles of the main target species to simulate follicle final maturation and consecuently ovulation (+36 hours after application), favouring synchronisation with mating or artificial insemination data. Moreover, hCG is used for the treatment of ovarian cystic phatologies, for the induction of follicular cysts luteinisation responsible for syndomes hyperestrogenic-like (nymphomania), with the consequent regression of symptomatology and return to normal cyclicity.


In females
-Induction of ovulation in case of prolonged oestrus i applied with a follicle- stimulatin treatment.
-Induction of follicle lutenisation or maintenance of corpus luteum, in case of subfertility due to insufficient luteal function; ovarian cysts associated to nymphomania.
In males
-To improve libido behaviour since it is able to stimulate cells to produce testosterone.
-To cause descend of one or both testes in case of cryptorchism.

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